Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2008 Childhood Apraxia Walk - Pittsburgh - Home

2008 Childhood Apraxia Walk - Pittsburgh - Home

2008 Pittsburgh CASANA Walk-a-Thon for Children with Apraxia of Speech

Join Us For This Very First Pittsburgh Walk for Apraxia!

OCTOBER 18, 200810:00 AMHarmar Grove, North ParkUnlock our Voice, Open our FutureImagine being told that your three year old would likely never be able to speak well enough for others to understand him.Imagine being told that the reason why your child wasn’t learning how to talk might never be known.Imagine having doctors tell you that even if they could find the reason that there was no cure or medicine that could help.We know now that CASANA can help guide families to find the resources and treatment to make the difference for children with apraxia!Join us to support this wonderful organization so that it can continue its important work!The Apraxia Walk is a 1.5 mile loop through the park.Register by September 25, 2008 to receive your Apraxia Walk Tshirt!


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