Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Searching for Birthfamilies Internationally

I have done all I can do at the moment. I have contacted the two known agencies that work in the region and sent them what information I have on my son's brother.

I have received several questions on my different postings regarding why on earth I would be in contact with my child's Russian family.

I will post about that at another time. If you want you can read some archived posts that may have to do with it. In the meantime, here are some articles re:

Searching for Birthfamilies Internationally: "Searching for Birthfamilies Internationally"
from Adoptive Families Magazine .

I had contacted my searcher yesterday who not only remembered me but was quite willing to help if need be. I would not have known about "little brother" if not for my searcher. I would not have found three of his sisters living in America, also adopted and ecstatic in the knowledge their baby brother was happy and loved.

I have been surrounded by children and must go. Enjoy your day my friends.



Yondalla said...

thinking of you and wishing you luck!

Denise :o) said...

And I ask... why wouldn't you want to find his family?!?!? ;o)

Wishing you all the best! Please keep me posted. If you need fundraising I AM HERE TO HELP!!!!!

Denise :o) said...

Just checking in... any news?

Carolyn said...

oh heavens!

Hope all is well.